Sorry I’ve been so lazy with commissions :C! I’ll do them soon I promise.

Well I made my Ask Kenny


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"Oh my good golly gracious you are fantastic at art!!!"

Thank you very much!!

"Just curious how old are you and how long have you been drawing? Also if you have any good tips on improving your style. Sorry for all the questions you're just a really great artist and I hope to be half as good as you one day! Aghh sorry"

Don’t be sorry! :) We all start off somewhere and there’s no shame in that.

I’m 20, and I’ve been pretty much drawing as long as I can remember, even in elementary. I honestly don’t have many tips, because just like all of you guys I’m still trying to improve my own art as well xD

Like I said awhile ago, the best advice I COULD give, however, is to try something really new, and really different from the way you draw currently. Trying something out you never have before pushes limits, and creates boundaries. It helps you figure out how far you can stretch, and what you’re ultimately good at.

But don’t let that stop you either, even if you’re not too great at something, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t draw it. Draw whatever you want, even if it’s difficult, because practice practice practice, and with art, there’s never an end with improvement.

Just reach out! Find another artist that draws differently than you and let them inspire you. Trying new things definitely does help you figure out “hey do I like this? Or do I not like this? Should I continue on this path? Should I not?”

:) Eventually, maybe, hopefully, you will find the kind of style you want to stick with, but again, you MUST be brave and try new things, don’t let anyone stop you!

"out of curiosity- do you have tip for style in art when youre trying to change your current one?"

Edit: I want to rewrite this cause ew the way I worded things.

SO. My best advice, which is something that really worked for me- is to find an artist that has a completely different style than yours. By all means I’m not telling you to copy the artist, but to try something new. If you’re inspired by a style of art that’s different than your own it can be great help.

Try drawing something new in your own way that’s inspired from the opposite artist. If you try something new that you’re really not used to, in between their style and your own you’ll find a nice balance.

Not saying this works for everyone, but it really helped me. I used to draw “anime” stuff. And now I’m more like Disney-esque.